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Our family of event experts consists of dynamic producers, talented technicians, accomplished designers, strategic planners, adaptable budgeters, and organised can-doers.

We are accomplished in all elements of event production, design and delivery and are excited to bring your event ideas to life!

Successful events require the combination of clear strategy and incredible creativity. We have people at heart, and consider ourselves to be part of your team.

Our team will collaborate with you to devise an event strategy which clearly articulates the goal and purpose of the event, measures in which it will be achieved and how every element of the event will work to contribute to its success.

A clear strategy ensures every component meets key milestones within budget and is representative of our clients brand and values.

Our clever creative strategists will work with you on:

  • Collaborative development of event strategy and delivery in consultation with client objectives
  • Event goal and objective settings that make and leave an impact
  • Creative direction of event collateral and digital designs
  • Conceptualisation and Ideation of event
  • Bespoke event photography and videography.

To deliver your event, our event producers work with the creative concept, to coordinate, supervise and implement all requirements needed to execute your project successfully.

From overseeing operations, directing staff, managing budgets, and coordinating technical and production aspects, our dynamic producers will work with you on:

  • Risk Assessment, Insurance and Event Logistics
  • Operations Site Management
  • Stage Build and Design
  • Sponsorship and Stakeholder Management
  • Programming and Scheduling
  • Venue management and logistics
  • Artist and Talent Management
  • Traffic and Crowd Management
  • Graphic design and print production
  • Permits and Licensing
  • Ticketing and RSVP Management
  • Event Staffing.

Event technology creates a vibe, ensures a dynamic atmosphere, increases engagement, and takes your event to new heights.

Whether it’s music, lighting, interactive installations, or hybrid solutions, our talented technicians will work with you on:

  • Risk Assessment, Insurance and Event Logistics
  • Audio, visual and lighting production
  • Live and online broadcasts
  • Development of all on screen content
  • Full technical and stage direction
  • Full scale event site mapping, render and design.

Social media is an important asset to shape the reputation of your event.

Utilising social media within your event captivates your target audience to build an instant connection to your brand. It allows for you to encourage interaction before, during and after the event.

Our strategic planners will work with you on:

  • Event marketing campaign development and strategy across social and traditional media
  • Creative and technical resources for content creation
  • Consultation and planning on event marketing.