The origins of Damsel & Sprout

Damsel and Sprout grew from our mutual love of being immersed in projects that we adore. While working together in radio we saw characteristics in each other that we valued greatly, including the desire to always make sure that a job was done professionally, efficiently and exceeded expectations. Our skill sets and personalities complement each other wonderfully making us a remarkable team. A great pairing of light and shade, yin and yang, boy and girl… Damsel and Sprout.

Who We Are

We’re experienced, meticulous, creative and well connected.
You don’t have to know all the fine details of event production when you have us. We’ll get you planned out, on budget, on time and add that extra little something to your event along the way. See what else we have to offer, don’t just settle for the stock standard and get the peace of mind that you deserve.


Ash has always had event management in her blood. She has an amazing eye for detail, is creative and has a thirst for the innovative and exhilarating. She’s been managing one of Canberra’s biggest events for more years than she’d like to admit, arranged countless parties, setup hundreds of promotional activities and even manages to organise the lives of her 3 kids and husband. So yes, she’s on top of everything. If you like working with friendly, professional and trustworthy people then you’ll get along great with Ash.


Craig is one of those guys who is able to always surprise you by revealing a new skill set you didn’t know he had. He’s practical, imaginative, dependable and has an incredible work ethic. He’s been working in restaurants, running events and mixing with the big names around Canberra since the early noughties. There’s no shortage of experience when it comes to Craig. He’s cool in a crisis and makes a delicious crème brûlée.

Together they are a great team. They are people persons and are doing what they are passionate about. They’re young, determined, practical, creative, and across the latest trends.
Whatever event you have, they’ll make sure your memories are made, your stress levels are low and it’ll be talked about for years to come!